Particle Board Flooring

Particleboard Flooring is a well-established and well performed product in the Australian home building industry. This wide use and acceptance has led to an increasing number of enquiries from engineers, architects and designers about Particleboard Flooring for commercial and industrial applications.
Particleboard Flooring provides major cost savings through its economy and through lighter construction allowing reduced foundation cost. Installation times are reduced since dry trades only are involved. Particleboard floors are also more comfortable for people standing for long periods and offer better wearing characteristics than some other flooring materials for wheeled traffic (especially small wheels) because of the dense surface layer.


Floorboard is a premium product, produced by D&R Henderson for house construction sheet flooring. It is tongue and grooved for easy installation and engineered to withstand the tough Australian elements while the house is constructed. Additional wax is injected throughout Floorboard, so any new saw cut edges will still maintain robust water resistant properties.
Floorboard is produced on a committed line, whose only function is to produce particleboard flooring, reducing variation in manufacturing conditions and product performance.
Flooboard is available as General Purpose (GP) or Termite Treated (TT).
Sheet Size: 3600 x 900
Glue Bond: “A” Bond “Phenolic” black colour – 72 hour boil.
Thicknesses: 19mm, 22mm, 25mm
Sheets/Pallet: 19mm - 36, 22mm - 32, 25mm - 25
Material Safety Data Sheet