Our Products

We carry a wide variety of wood based panel products including Pine CD, Pine Structural, Hardwood CD and Exterior BC, Bendi Ply, Form Ply and Bracing.
We are the sole importers of Kokoda Ply wood. Kokoda Plywood has become a sought after product because of its quality, lightness and strength. Kokoda Plywood comes in both Hardwood F14 and F17 Stress grade and BC Exterior.
 We are also the exclusive importer of Joubert Plywood for the East Coast of Australia, products include Marine BS1088 and Okouplex. Joubert Plywood is known for its resistance in weather, dimensional stability and easiness to machine.
For more information on our products including sheet size, glue bond and treatments, please see each products page.
Marine Plywood, Kokoda Plywood, Pine Plywood Structural & Non-StructuralBendi Ply, Form Ply, Tongue & Groove Plyflooring, Particle Board Flooring
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